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Hands on Healing Works – Reiki Benefits of Self Healing

I wanted to spend a little time on the Reiki self healing methods and how the hands on healing actually works.  In general it is a simple concept of self healing and hands on healing, that once learned can assist you in the treatment of any ailment you are experiencing.

Reiki is a Japanese self healing therapy which involves the use of Ki, and learning to guide it through yourself and others to the affected areas. Ki as explained before is the universal energy.  This is better known as  God's power which keeps all living things alive, including plants, animals, and yes, humans.   Hands on healing methods are needed in ailing people because of one simple fact. In a normal everyday person who is in good health, their Ki is flowing uninterrupted.  Their organs are functioning right, and their mind and soul are living in a happy state.  But in an ailing person, it is found that when they are in a state of negative thinking, or a negative lifestyle, they become ill.  This has occurred because the negativity in their body and soul have disrupted the flow of their Ki.  We can use the hands on healing methods of reiki to begin a positive flow of Ki in them.

Can Reiki Hands on Healing Work For Anyone?

What you need to do with the Reiki healing is to replace those negative thoughts in your soul with positive thoughts. Spiritual healing of this nature will help you find the areas of the body and soul that have been disrupted with the negative thoughts and feelings.  You then can begin to extract them out and restore the balance that you need within your body.

What you will do is guide the Ki through the body to the affected areas, you will use hands on healing. You learn to direct the Ki back into the areas that have lost their uninterrupted flow, thus causing them to maybe not function right.  Even though you may not know the exact area that needs this healing energy, once you get the Ki flowing again it will find where it needs to be.  So, the result of this type of hands on healing is guaranteed to get the Ki flowing again.

You must remember that Reki has and will continue to be used to to treat all kinds of illness and bodily injury.  It puts your body back into balance, which promotes healing.  This in turn pushes out the negativity that you have allowed to come into your body in the first place.  This energy therapy can be used as a compliment to an existing medicinal therapy without affecting it's abilities.

How Does Hands On Healing Help our Emotions?

Reiki is also an outstanding alternative medicine for people suffering from emotional problems. Due to the fact that emotional problems evolve from the presence of negative thoughts and feelings, and that Ki can improve those situations, they can work hand in hand. This is the first step you deal with in the self healing and energy healing of Reiki, so if you are praticing Reiki you have already began to think positive, which in turn is already helping you deal with the basis of your emotional problems.

Reiki principles in self healing, meditation, spiritual healing and hands on healing are very simple and easy to follow once you begin to understand how to unleash the Ki that we all hold inside ourselves. We all have the abilty to perform self healing and the hands on healing of others if we just take the time to learn, and keep an open and positive mind.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reiki Healing Touch and Reiki Energy Healing Therapy - Oriental Medicinal & Therapy for Curing Ailments

Are you aware of the fact that our body contains more energy than it actually uses to carry out its activities? Now, let me make a point! I am not talking about the physical energy that we utilize, but about the healing energy which is unseen to us but for sure, is felt by us. This invisible energy is what we call the "life force energy". The concept of healing energy is well explained by the Japanese technique - Reiki. The word can be divided into two halves: Rei means "The Higher power" and ki means "life energy". Precisely, it is a spiritually guided life force energy. The basic idea projected by reiki healing touch is that self healing is the path of salvation from ailments. Let's explore more into this belief!

Reiki: Healing Energy
Therapies use tools and medications for treatment of ailments. But reiki healing therapy uses the energy of the body. Energy that drives our body can be both free flowing and stagnant. This therapy uses the power of mind to govern the energies of the body and bring it under control. In due course of time, this therapy works wonders in enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We all are aware of a simple truth of life: A relaxed mind leads to a rejuvenated body. This is how a person feels after undergoing a reiki therapy session. A session usually has the reiki practitioner who first seeks the permission of the patient to cure him (here the permission is for the mental confidence and trust of the patient on the practitioner). And then, the reiki practitioner starts with the reiki session with his hands moving over the chakras of the body, aiding in rejuvenating them with sufficient energy. He often makes use of reiki symbols in reiki therapy and reiki massage. In fact, people suffering from chronic ailments like cancer, autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis take the aid of these therapy sessions to alleviate the pain. Mental concerns, addiction to drugs, anxiety, panic attacks and destructive habits (like smoking and abusing alcohol) can be treated effectively with reiki healing touch therapy.

Before a person learns about reiki or is keen on attending a reiki therapy session, he is required to know about the chakras. So what are these chakras after all? Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheels". A wheel which we identify physically is what spins around its fixed axis, slow or fast. But there are similar wheels found in our body too (not physically but as energies). Our body contains 7 major chakras and each one is closely associated with an organ of our body. Below listed are the 7 major chakras. Scroll through!

    * Crown chakra is the most powerful chakra and is not much disturbed even in course of curing ailments, pertaining to any side effects.
    * Reiki treatment should be done only by a reiki practitioner and that is the best and the only way. The reiki healing hands of your teacher will initiate the therapy for you.

Now you know how the reiki healing energy helps in stimulating the chakras as each chakra associates with various organs of our body. To know about reiki healing symbols, do read our article on reiki symbols and reiki symbols for healing. There are many audio CDs on reiki healing music available in the market. Reiki music serves as an excellent means of inducing sleep. After all, a peaceful sleep plays a major role in enhancing immune system. Deuter's Reiki Hands of light is an excellent musical CD which contains soothing musical notes that will aid in complete relaxation of the mind and the body. I am suggesting this musical from my personal experience and it has absolutely worked for me.

Hope, you have attained a great deal of information on reiki healing touch and reiki energy healing therapy. Reiki is a huge subject and every aspect of reiki cannot be covered in a single day. So wait for more, readers! Will be back with more interesting facts and finds on this subject, in the next article!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reiki Training and Reiki Healing Treatments in Dublin

What is Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy healing which is holistic in how it brings balance to mind and body. The two ways to experience this healing therapy would be to have a Reiki treatment from a practitioner or alternatively to learn how to do it yourself by attending a course. The effectiveness of this healing therapy is gaining new respect within the wider medical community. Not only are highly reputable medical facilities throughout the U.S. offering patients holistic healing, those facilities are analyzing the benefits of their programmes and are submitting them for review and compilation.

Reiki Training

The starting off point if you intend on learning energy healing therapy is to attend a Reiki 1 course.At this level you learn all about Reiki. This level of training is usually held over two days. Some of the items covered at a comprehensive Reiki 1 class should include:

The concept of energy healing discussed
The chakras, energy field and endocrine system outlined
The healing potentials of Reiki
About Reiki and how safe it is to use in all situations
Energetic initiation to Reiki
Illustration and practise of doing self Reiki treatments in class
Reiki and its many uses
About Reiki History
Showing the group how to do chair treatments
Showing the group how to do table treatments
Time for offering Reiki to each other in class

The whole idea after attending this course is that you integrate what you learn by doing self holistic treatments on an ongoing basis. Those who use to do it by themselves regularly report many benefits. These include a reduction in stress levels, increased energy levels, a greater enthusiasm for life, improvement in dietary habits and a sense of inner peace. You can also share this therapy with family and friends after attending its first session.

Reiki Healing Treatments

For those who wish to experience Reiki therapy but are not inclined to attend a Reiki course, a Reiki treatment would be the preferred option. This is a very relaxing non invasive experience. It usually lasts one hour. You remain fully clothed and lie down on a massage table. The practitioner uses a sequence of positions over the body. People sometimes feel a variety of sensations as the energy flows through the body. These can include heat, tingling or a coolness. Most people find Reiki very relaxing and fall asleep during the treatment.

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